These are some questions we get a lot of calls about, this may help save you some time.


Q.  Will the Guard let my guests through the gate.
A. No.  It is your responsibility as a property owner to have a gate code set up for your guests.  Call the POA office at least 24 hours in advance to set up the code.  If you forgot to call us or called too late you will have to drive up and let your guest in yourself. The gate code assigned to you will ALWAYS start with the # sign then the four digit number.

Q.  How long will a guest code last?
A.  Guest Codes can be in the system no longer than 14 days. They will be removed after that time. 

Q.  How do my contractors get through the gate?
A.  Contractor codes can be set up for longer periods as long as construction is in progress.  You will have to provide an end date, the code will be removed on that date.  If construction is not complete, you will need to call the office and extend the code. 

Q.  What if I have medical problems that require visiting nurses?
A.   You may set up a Medical Code for extended period for visiting medical care professionals or other professionals that are required to visit on a consistent basis. 

Q.  How does the call box work?
A.  If you have a local telephone land line at your house, guests call your home, after your answer you phone, press 9 on the key pad and the gate will open.   If you don't want that person at your house, or in Linn Valley, do not press 9 and hang up the phone, the gate will not open. :-) 

Q.  How do guests scroll through the call box directory?
A.  We advise property owners to come to the guest gate and find their name on the call box. Your name will only be in the directory if you have provided the POA will a local phone number (  starting with 757 ) cell phone numbers will not work.  It will be easier to explain to guests if you know how to use it yourself.  If you need help ask someone in the POA or the guard for help, we will be happy to assist.


Q. Can guests bring their ATV's and/or watercraft into Linn Valley?
A.  No.  Only property owners can ride their ATV's in Linn Valley and put watercraft on the lakes.

Q.  What documents do I need to register my watercraft?
A.  Watercraft requires proof of ownership, proof of insurance, and proof of horsepower.  Proof of horsepower must be a motor title (you will only have this if the boat was purchased in Missouri) or bring the boat by the office and one of the staff members will visually check the motor. Horsepower can be no more than 160.  Stickers are renewed yearly with proof of current insurance.  There is a yearly $10.00 fee for registering each watercraft.

Q.  What documents do I need to register my ATV?
A.  ATV's require proof of ownership and proof of insurance.  Stickers are renewed yearly with proof of current insurance.  There is a yearly $10.00 fee for registering each ATV.

Q.  What if my watercraft only has a trolling motor?
A.  All motorized watercraft, fuel powered, electric powered or solar powered must be registered with the POA. 


Q.  When are assessments sent out?
A.  Statements are sent out twice a year January and July.

Q.  When are assessments due?
A.  There are 4 options for paying assessments:
      1) Yearly-due January 1st.
      2) Bi Yearly-due January 1st and July 1st.
      3)  Quarterly- due January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st
      4) Monthly-due the first of every month

Q.  If I own more than one lot do I pay an assessment on each lot.
A.  Yes.

Q.  What happens if I don't pay my assessments?
A.   Once the lot becomes delinquent the gate cards will be disabled and assessments will be turned over to the collection agency and a 30% fee is added to the total. Once a lot is turned over to the collection agency, we cannot reverse the process. 

Q.  Can I build on a camping lot?
A.  Yes.  You may build on any lot as long as the dwelling meets building codes.

Q.  Can I camp on a building lot?
A.  Yes.  You may camp for up to 14 days, after you are done RV, tents etc must be removed.

Q.  Where can I store my camper?
A.  The POA has an area set aside for RV storage.  It is a fenced in area and is $150.00 yearly.


Q.  Do I need a building permit for a skid shed?
A.  Yes.  You will need a permit for any improvements.  For building permit questions the best person to call is Dan Donham, the building inspector.


Q. Do I need a fishing license?
A.  No. Our lakes are private.

Q.  Where can I fish if I don't have a boat?
A.  We have several docks that can be used for fishing and the shoreline around all the lakes and ponds are common property.  You cannot walk on property owners personal docks to fish without the permission of the property owner. 


Q.  Can I make reservations for the campground?

A.  No.  Our campground is first come first served.  There is no reserving sites with cars, picnic tables, chairs etc. 

Q.  Can I pitch a tent in a campsite?
A.  Yes.  You may pitch a tent in a campsite, but you will have to pay for that site.  There is space available for tent campers that do not need electricity at no cost.


Q.  Does your cabin have bathrooms?
A.  Yes. All the cabins have bathrooms and showers. You must supply your own linens.

If you did not find the answers you needed give us a call 913-757-4591 or through email.