POA Lots for Sale

There are three different types of lots available: Building, Multipurpose and Camping.  A dwelling can be built on any lot as long as it meets the building codesBuilding permits must be submitted for any improvement on any lot. 

Building Lots:

Typically 70X120.  No permanent RV's will be placed on a building lot. An owner may camp for up to 14 days on their lot.  We do have an RV storage area available to owners for $150.00 a year.   No single wide mobile homes are allowed to be placed on a building lot.

MultiPurpose Lots:

Typically 70X100.  You may build a dwelling on this type of lot.  This is the only type of lot that a single wide mobile home can be placed.   You may also set up an RV and leave it permanently on this type of lot. 

Camping Lots:

Typically 50x80.  Theses are mainly used for RV's, they can be set up permanently.

This map highlights the camping(red) and multipurpose lots(blue), everything else is considered a building lot.

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