Water and Sewer

Water & Sewer Service Fees

Linn Valley Lakes provides water delivery and sewage removal services for residents with water and sewage holding tanks. In some areas of Linn Valley, water service is provided by water lines owned by Rural Water District #1 or the City of Linn Valley. Fees associated with these services are listed below. Residents may also haul their own water from a supply station located near the main dam. Note: For same-day water delivery or sewage removal service, tickets must be turned in before 8am. If same-day service is requested after 8am, a late fee is charged (see below).

Water Delivery Service
  • 1,000 gallons: $35.00
  • 2,000 gallons: $60.00
Self-Serve Water Station
  • 1,000 gallons: $12.50
Sewage Removal Service
  • 1,000 gallons: $35.00
  • 2,000 gallons: $60.00
Late and After Hours Fees
  • Late Fee for Same-Day Service (after 8am-12pm, Mon-Fri) per 1,000 gallons: $10.00
  • Services called in after 12pm Monday-Thursday will be done the following day. 
  • After Hours-Monday-Thursday after 3pm, Fridays after 12pm, Weekends and Holidays.
    • After Hours Fee per 1,000 gallons: $100.00
    • After Hours Fee per 2,000 gallons: $130.00
Water Line Service 
  • 1st Monthly 1,500 gallons: $35.00
  • $.02 per gallon after first 1500 gallons
  • Water Meter: $2,000.00
For information on the Low Pressure Sewer System visit www.cityoflinnvalley.com.